My name is Miriam (I'm just called Tari by everyone though) and this is Dye and Sorrow. It's my little project that is dedicated to creating unique yarns that are artistically hand dyed and designed to make your next project more vibrant.

After graduating with a degree in chemistry, I moved to northern Germany where I married my husband. We then fell in love with a little traumatized dog that all my time, patience and love went into. Unfortunately, my passion for handicrafts and creativity came far too short during this time.

I started knitting again and realized quite quickly that I was looking for colors and yarn qualities that can only be found in hand-dyed yarns. The desire was awakened in me to be able to create these radiant color combinations myself. So I taught myself how to dye, learned various techniques and all about color theory. But I wanted more! I wanted to share my passion for colors with others. So I bought pots and pans, researched about colors and undyed wool, tried many things and was often disappointed. But eventually I had put together the best equipment for me. Now all that was missing was a name for the project, and since I'm a huge True Crime fan, my company had to be related to it somehow. So the names of the yarn bases were quickly found. I had a logo designed and created labels for the finished wool. Dye and Sorrow was born!

What once started as a creative time out for me, thus became this small business. As in the beginning, each skein of wool is hand dyed by me and carefully packaged.

At Dye and Sorrow, I put a lot of thought into my work so that when you purchase the dyed yarns, you can be sure you are purchasing a high quality and consciously made piece of art. Be it efforts to conserve water, work as plastic-free as possible, or use certified packaging materials (see FAQ). And, of course, it's all the hours I've spent finding good yarn bases and color combinations. You acquire all of this when you buy yarn for your knitting and crochet projects from my small business.

I hope you have fun with your wool!