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Green lab rat on Jack the Ripper
  • Green lab rat on Jack the Ripper
  • Green lab rat on Jack the Ripper
  • Green lab rat on Jack the Ripper

Green lab rat

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Lab rats are dyeings where I try different new things and where I am not completely satisfied. It may be that the dyeing is still bleeding, the colors don't quite meet my expectations, or the dyeing itself was a little experiment and didn't make it into my regular range.

I cannot dye these colorings again. Once they are sold out, they will no longer be available.

Base: Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper:

75% SW Merino
25% Nylon

Needle size 2-3,5

Each of the yarns is dyed by hand by me and therefore each skein is unique. Should you process more than one strand of a color in your project, I therefore recommend to process the strands alternately (after every 2nd row change the columns).

Due to different screen settings and lighting conditions, the color in the photos may differ slightly from the original. However, I try to represent the original color as best as possible.

The wool may bleed slightly during the first few washes. I recommend a lukewarm hand wash with a mild wool detergent.